Looking forward to…

reading on Feb 18 at Collected Works with Gabrielle McIntire and rob mclennan

since i’ve been sick i’ve had to turn down a few invitations and now i’m mostly just not getting invited to read any more. i’m looking forward to the opportunity to read once again to audiences and interact with them afterward;

 a day trip to Montreal to spend time with a dear friend who will take me to some of  her favourite haunts;

 a trip to the National Gallery with another dear friend;

 regular  gustatory extravaganzas with another dear friend;

 all kinds of food: nuts, legumes, popcorn, toffee, raw vegetables

 a bonfire by the beach; a picnic by the lake;

going to concerts, especially outdoor concerts;

 a long train trip  (ideally with readings en route).

Recuperating gives me time to think about what i’d like to do when i’m 100% better and have all my reserves. i’m doing well but am still exhausted by 9pm…


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