the surgery and everything after

on Tuesday, January 18 at 12pm, i am taken on a stretcher to the surgery ward.

after a ½ hour wait in the hall with the brooms & dirty laundry, i enter the operating room.

i see the tables full of surgical instruments and squint to avoid looking too closely.

they put me on a narrow bed, give me an IV. the anaesthesiologist says the bar is open and tells me to dream of something good. based on my previous delusions, i tell myself to dream of nothing. it works.

at 6:45pm i wake up in the recovery room. for some reason i am angry with the poet Michael Lista who wrote Bloom. i have no idea why.

the surgery took 5.5 hours. it was difficult. they were able to do most of it laparoscopically but because of scar tissue adhering to the skin, they had to cut the top part of my stomach open a bit.

they discovered that part of my colon, the sigmoid, is still ok. this is the part that attaches to the rectum, so they were able to attach my small intestine to it.

at 9pm i am wheeled to my room where Charles greets me. they have given me a button to push which activates morphine for the pain, but i push it very little. the pain isn’t as bad as my worst period cramp and suitably better than having my wisdom teeth extracted.

on Saturday, January 22 in the afternoon i am discharged.

after having a bit of diarrhea for the time i’ve been in hospital, but no nausea, i feel awful in the cab and hold it all in just long enough to get out of the cab and out in front of my apartment building where i vomit all over the pavement. welcome home.

day 1 is rough, more vomiting, more diarrhea. i’m only eating a little solid food at this point.

day 2 and onwards gets better. my bowels are no longer volatile.

i have to go to wound care daily for treatment of the 4cm deep hole in my stomach where my stoma used to be. my surgeon has told me that days 7-11 are when leaks can sometimes occur, but given my health and the operation’s success, this is unlikely.

my temperature is a wee bit high at times, but so far has not reached the danger stage of 38.8.  i wore diapers for a few days after i returned home, due to the volatility of my bowels, but all is well now.

when i shower, my wound area has to be wrapped in saran wrap. life is indeed very strange and wonderful…

 i’m having a lovely recovery with Charles and enjoying being much stronger than i was last time around.

 thanks for all your kind wishes. they helped…


2 Responses to “the surgery and everything after”

  1. Pearl Says:

    steadily moving the right direction. you look well. good to see.

  2. amandaforward Says:

    thanks, Pearl!

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