surgery on Jan 18

so far it’s still on.  

i was told to expect a call today from between 5pm and 8pm to let me know the time of the surgery and i received the call at 4:54pm. phew.

i have to get to the Ottawa General at 10am. a nurse will talk to me and Charles can stay with me for a bit. not sure exactly for how long. they have to do some preparations on me before the surgery. but they have warned that i could have to wait as much as 4 hours til the surgery.

the surgery itself could be as little as 2 to 2.5 hours for a laparoscopic procedure or longer if they have to do an open surgery. and then afterward i will be in recovery for however long they need to keep me in there and then they will move me to a room in the wards. 

Charles will likely post an update on FB and e-mail dear friends and call family in the eve. or who knows? if i’m up, maybe i’ll be able to post an update. i intend to marshall all my patience, strength and energy along with a sense of whimsy to get thru this. [for those with a strong stomach, you can google the procedure, which is the laparoscopic reversal of Hartmann’s Procedure if you want to get an idea about what’s going to happen]

of course, they could still cancel tomorrow’s operation if some emergency comes up, so as usual, my motto is “expect the unexpected” or something equavelent in Latin with a coat of arms…

thanks everyone for your good wishes. it means a lot.


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