the cicada days are coming

My surgery date has been set for Tuesday, January 18, 2011. my motto is expect the unexpected, so i won’t be surprised if the date gets changed again, but for now, i am imagining that this is the date.

 I am definitely nervous about it, but thanks to the great health crisis of 2009, i am better at finding calm and i have faith that all will be well. I have to let go of all the little niggling anxieties associated with this surgery. Will I be able to handle the fasting the day before, the going without water 3 hours before the surgery, waiting in the hospital hallway on a stretcher, waiting for the meds to kick in or whatever other unplanned surprises the day has in store for me? …

I expect that i will be able to handle them because there isn’t really a choice. in the meantime i will enjoy having a lovely xmas with Charles and seeing dear friends.

and afterward, i shall probably have to recuperate for a bit. i will miss out on some activities, such as readings of some of my favourite local writers, which is a drag, but i will be ensconced happily at home and stay warm and snug, let myself be pampered once more by Charles, which is quite a wonderful thing.

Unless my surgery ends up being more than just a laparoscopic procedure,  I don’t expect to be in the hospital long, hopefully just a few days. There may be some silence from me the first day and the one after. We’ll see. I am not particularly known as a woman of few words. Either Charles or I will update friends who are on FB and family who aren’t…

In the meantime, if you have any recommendations for good books, youtube videos you’ve enjoyed or any other activity suitable for a recovering shut in during the second  half of January, please do send them my way.

 I know you, my dear friends and loved ones, are thinking of me and sending me love and courage. I appreciate and care for all of you very much. I have everything to be thankful for. and when this is over, watch me rise…i’m like those cicada that hide in the earth beneath the trees for years, sustaining themselves underground, who come up to the surface and sing their hearts out. buzz, buzz, buzz….although the analogy stops there. i plan on instigating more than one day of mayhem.


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