A phoenix is a firebird. It’s obvious why I would choose the phoenix as this blog’s official mascot, given my recent hosptialization and near death experience, the whole rising from the ashes thing. Firebirds, not the car but the mythical creature, represent a quest and can be a blessing (or a curse but we won’t dwell on that part…or perhaps at times, I will).

I decided to blog again to talk about my own quest, my journey of recovery after the whole experience last November. For those who might not know, here’s the synopsis:

Oct 30 – i contract what seems to be a standard flu.

Nov 4 – after rallying for a few days, i get sick again, my fever returns and my breathing goes wonky. my husband calls 911 and paramedics take me to the Ottawa General Hospital Emergency. no waiting, no triage. i’m put on a respirator.

Nov 17 – i wake up…i’ve been sedated and operated on. i had a bad pneumonia with some latin name i can’t retain and i developed a toxic mega colon. my right lung collapsed. i had air bubbles in my portal vein (the one that goes to the liver). the doctors told my husband before the operation that it was unlikely i would survive. but after the colon was removed, i picked up steam and ….yep, i survived.

Nov 27-i am released from hospital. i have an ileostomy bag for at least the next six months or more and home care for the next month or so to teach me how to change the bag and monitor my post surgery recovery.

now – it’s been pretty tough but heartening over the past 6 weeks since i’ve been home. i’ve had to get stronger by doing exercises and trying to walk regularly. when i first returned home, i had trouble just getting out of bed or lifting myself off the toilet. i’m still having trouble keeping food down in the daytime. jello has become my best friend. that and at night the magic bag, a thingy full of rice or beans or something that you heat up in the microwave. the doctor said use local heat for pain. and i’ve had a lot of pain, but it’s steadily going away.

i don’t know how often i’ll write in this blog. i am not making any obligations or commitments. my body gets tired…especially my back, so i can’t compute for very long in one session. we’ll see how it goes.


3 Responses to “why”

  1. Rol Says:

    Strong archetype, that Mythic bird of Egypt motif:

    What, if anything, was lost in the ashes?
    And what’s reborn: is it same or different?

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